*TA* vs DSV

Team Aros
vs. DSV

Suez canal
Suez canal
Shuhia Taiba
Shuhia Taiba
  • Official, 25. November 2007, 20:00

kampen er for længst glemt og mapsene er også glemt, men udfaldet består.

Planetside2 Hotfix 11/12

Hotfix 11/12 | PlanetSide 2 Forums

  1. Downtime Start: 6am


    We’ve worked on Hossin over the past few months to bring it up to a level of quality to match our other continents. We’re proud to announce Hossin is now out of Early Expedition!

    Revamps for the following Hossin Bases

    • Fort Liberty
    • OMR Terraforming
    • Outpost Lambda

    Hossin bug fixes

    • Stuck bug fixed near Chac
    • Hurakan dirt cleaned up
    • Bravata PMC Compound: gap in building fixed
    • Genesis Terraforming Plant: terrain seam fix
    • Roothouse Distillery: stuck bug fixed

    Spiker (tracking issue, this is already Live, no changes are being made with this update)

    • Fixed sniper rifle level accuracy with the charge mode
    • Fixed charge shot headshot doing too little damage


    • Boosts should now equip properly (PS-731)
    • Adjusted how we handle bandwidth traffic to help out with European server connection issues
    • Camo coverage pass on Halloween masks

    Bugs Fixed

    • Decimator G/B and Annihilator G/B should now update launcher kill objective under Heavy Assault directives (PS-763)
    • Auraxium Infused Plating should now have have Auraxium shader
    • Razor GD-23 icon fixed
    • Tempest helmet should now display character head properly
    • Augmented Brain Chasis helmet had LOD issues resolved
    • VTOLs should now animate properly (PS-724/PS-727)
    • Continent locks should provide appropriate bonuses
    • Heavy Assault: Resist Shield: Actual duration and tooltip descriptions are inconsistent
    • Reduced red dot size on LANS (3.4x) scope
    • Extra laser has been removed from the White Laser Sight
    • Double flashlight beam removed after using knife (PS-721)
    • Character’s head should no longer appear in 1p as uncloaked when on a wraith cloaked Flash (PS-733)

*TA* vs =SvK=

Team Aros

Shuhia Taiba
Shuhia Taiba
Suez canal
Suez canal

Match description

  • 20. February 2008, 20:00
  • Official


=SvK=- BiXiO -=SvK=- CapValzuf -=SvK=- Jpnotic -=SvK=- PA0L0 -=SvK=- Paper-bat -=SvK=- SpEcTrOmOn -=SvK=- TeGaVoiA -=SvK=- Tires -=SvK=- ZoKKiNo -=SvK=-Blugreen65 -=SvK=-term610


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