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Battlefield 1943 Pacific the Next Battlefield? [ 15 Comments ]
Wednesday, 4 February, 2009 at 18:46 PST | ^Scott^ | Print News
Community member Staton Eichman let us know about an article posted on a French gaming website announcing Battlefield 1943 Pacific. It appears as if this has been mixed up with the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 news announced yesterday, since it lists this as console only.

While the first images of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are still waiting, Electronic Arts and DICE have announced a new variation of the Battlefield license, which will operate the latest version of the Frostbite engine: Battlefield 1943 Pacific. This umpteenth FPS on the Pacific will allow players s’étriper social Conquest mode on three of the most famous maps of Battlefield 1942: Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Wake Island. Destructible buildings, vehicles flying, rolling or floating, the worshipers of the series will not be at home but frankly can unwind in the idyllic scenery, galvanized by the soft roar of 23 other angry. Hostilities begin this summer on X360 and PS3. (Translated)

We might be hearing about this rumored Battlefield 1943 at the upcoming New York Comic-Con (Feb 6-. An event called “Battlefield 1943: Pacific Postcards” was listed in the show exclusives section of the show’s programming guide. It has since been removed, but can be viewed via Google cache. Thanks to Andrew from VE3D for the tip.
Friday, February 6th –
2:00 pm – EA Poster Tubes; 3:00 pm – Dragon Age Posters BattleForge 1v1 Tournament – tournament will be held at the BattleForge Kiosk; 4:00 pm – Battlefield 1943: Pacific Postcards; 5:00 pm – BattleForge 2v2 Tournament – tournament will be held at the BattleForge Kiosk; 6:00 pm – Spore Galactic Adventures T-Shirts
NY Comic Con Exclusives (Google Cache)

Another source,, reports Battlefield 1943 Pacific is for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.


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