Battlefield 2142 1.51 (hopefully final) Beta

Battlefield 2142 1.51 (hopefully final) Beta 19.12.2010 – 00:00 – BF 2142
By : Bazajaytee

So we got our programmer back to work on BF2142 1.51 and he fixed the server problem we had remaining and are sending out the servers to the Beta server providers today.

Tomorrow 17th December 2010 will see the release of hopefully the last BF2142 1.51 Beta and will run until mid-January 2011 where we’ll decide, based on your feedback, if it is final and ready for release.

I’ll update this post with download links when I have them but you’ll generally be able to pick the new client up at Fileplay tomorrow.

The only changes have have been server side but the client had to be updated to have the version numbers match.

As long as there are no major issues in the update like new constant crashes, black screens, server failure etc then this will also be the version that is released as final so you won’t need to install another version after.

This v1.51 update contains:
No DRM on the BF2142.exe file
Northern Strike free for everyone
Whole bunch of new maps including Strike at Karkand 2142 and Operation Blue Pearl.
Account security updates
EDIT: The Beta will go live around 2pm UK today. You can get the client from around 1:45pm from here:…16/bf2142-patch-1-51-beta

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