BF2142 ver 1,5 beta

BF2142 ver 1,5 beta 07.05.2008 – 00:00 – BF 2142
patches tiltag..FEATURES

– Added community maps, Wake Island 2142 and Operation Shingle- Added the ability to use widescreen resolutions.

– Added No Vehicles mode.

– Added Conquest Assault mode.

– Changed the volume control for the Commander Voice Over on request of the esports community.

– Changes made to pod steering mechanism to improve control while limiting pod surfing.


MAP: Vake Island 2142.

– Fixed the loading issue caused by corrupt Radial.cdb file

– Various changes made to prevent cheating.

MAP: Shingle (bedre kendt under sits tester navn som Anzio )maps kommer !!!!

hvis man gerne vil have dette BETA PATCH så her er linket :


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