Planetside2 European Server Merges

Hello all –

We know there is a lot of interest in the merges, so we want to keep you as up to date as possible. I’ll be positing here as we make more final decisions. Here’s what we know:
We’ll be merging the following servers: ◦Woodman + Miller
◦Ceres + Cobalt
◦This combo was determined by various factors, but the main goals were to prevent excessive queues while maintaining a robust server pop and extending prime playing hours

We’d like to run MergeSmashes similar to the one we did for the previous merge
We’d like to let the name be decided by the MergeSmash event (i.e. winner keeps the server name)
Here’s what’s left to be determined:
When the MergeSmashes will be
When the merges themselves will happen
I’m keeping this thread stickied and locked, and I’ll update it as more official decisions are made.

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