Planetside2 Game Update 04 patch notes

Game Update 04 patch notes 13.03.2013 – 00:00 – Planetside 2

Hey all –

We’re currently set to release GU04 tomorrow morning at 6am PST.As always there is a chance that some issues could be found in the next few hours that would cause us to delay the update, but as of right now it’s looking like a “GO”.

GU04 is one of our biggest updates so far on Planetside 2 (seriously, the patch notes doc is 9 pages long!) and will have a huge number of new additions, game tuning and bug fixes including highlights like:

A brand new VR Training area, a place to try out every weapon, cert and vehicle in the game risk free
Flash Update which brings a new rumble seat, wraith module and the new S12 Renegade shotgun
New Respawn / Map interface
New drag-and-drop functionality on the platoon management window
Balancing of reserve ammo on infantry weapons
Tuning of AOE damage
Increased rewards for vehicle destruction
All new tower ground floor design
Warpgate rotations
Increases to passive cert gain for members as well as new member status panel
TONS o’ bug fixes

There are a couple notable features that are not on the list that I want to give an update on:

The Account Level Unlocks are extremely complex and important feature – the most popular feature we’ve had on the Roadmap thus far. Obviously it is a feature that is critical for us to get absolutely right. The potential for any changes to the how our player inventory system works to cause problems with your hard earned items means that we’re being exceptionally cautious with the rollout. Our plan right now is to release the Account Level Unlocks feature 1 week from GU04 release as long as we don’t run into any major hiccups in testing. We know you’ve been waiting for this feature and we’re sorry for the delay, but we hope that you understand the reasons for being cautious here.
We are still working on tuning and balancing for Empire Specific Rocket Launchers and don’t feel comfortable unlocking them quite yet, as soon as we feel like they’re ready to go we’ll be putting them up for you guys.

We’re really excited to get GU04 out to you guys and we’re confident the wait has been worth it!

As always, we’re excited to hear your feedback, here, twitter, facebook and everywhere else.


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Author: Clawhammer



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