Planetside2 Game Update 12 Patch Notes

Game Update 12 Patch Notes 10.07.2013 – 00:00 – Planetside 2

General Game Updates
Extended Interactive Tutorial
Added a new outdoor area to the interactive tutorial which starts after the respawn training. This new area has the following additional training topics:

Destroying vehicles (tanks)
AV Turrets
Jump pads
Ground vehicle driving
Vehicle ammo tower
Gate shield
Generator overloading
Added an energy shield that blocks access to the teleporter until the player completes the shooting segment.

Alert Frequency Changes
We’ve increased the time between alerts across the board and made further refinements to the population requirements that govern alert launches.

Recommended Server Chanages
Recommended servers are now provided for each faction instead of having one set of suggested servers for all new players.

New in the Depot
More Loadouts
Three new loadout tabs are unlocked for each class and vehicle as part of Membership

The member custom loadouts will immediately be unlocked for any current subscribers, and will unlock right away upon membership purchase for any new subscribers
The member custom loadouts will lock again if the player loses membership – however, the loadout configurations are saved, so if the player renews membership, all previously configured loadout information should be maintained
Four additional loadout tabs can be unlocked for all classes and vehicles via purchases in the Depot under the Utilities category

Gold Trim for Main Battle Tanks
Available in the Early Access category of the Depot.

Bumpers for Flash
Equippable in the new Trim Slot Gold versions available in the Early Access Category

Infantry Updates
Improved Damage Feedback
Improved feedback when getting hit by enemy projectiles.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that caused certain corpses to not receive revive attempts
Fixed some issues with the drop pod deploy radius not always behaving as intended
Popping in and out of ADS while firing should no longer stop the player model from playing recoil animations in 3rd person
Vehicle Updates
Fury Changes
Direct hit damage decreased from 750 to 300
Resist type for the weapon has improved against vehicles, which partially mitigates this decrease in direct hit damage
Time to reload increased from 2.5 seconds to 3 seconds
Bail Out FX
When a soldier “safe” ejects out of a vehicle, they will now play Bail FX around them. Safe eject is any eject where they are not intended to take fall damage: Galaxies, ESF’s w/ejection seat, Liberator w/ejection seat.

Bug Fixes
Sunderer decals now can extend to the hood of the vehicle
Fixed the missing startup audio for both Vulcan variants
UI Updates
Platoon Interface Improvements
Added an icon to the platoon leader
Added ability to see detailed squad information while in a platoon by clicking the panel for each squad in the platoon management screen
Point Capture Feedback
Added a text call out when players are in range of a capture point, but are unable to capture it Denmark due to:

Not having appropriate territory adjacency/lattice connection
Use of a MAX suit
Being inside a vehicle
Improved Vehicle Damage Feedback
Updated the directional damage arcs that display when you get hit
The intensity of the arcs are dependent on the normalized damage being received
HUD Element for SCU Vulnerability
Added a new element to the facility status panel to communicate the state of the SCU.

Secure: SCU is active and the shield is active, not vulnerable
Vulnerable: SCU is active but the shield is down
Overloaded: SCU has been overloaded but has not yet detonated
Destroyed: SCU has been destroyed
Other Miscellaneous Changes
The UI now shows indicators when vehicle passengers are hitting enemies
Recon device animation has been changed to show a single pulse instead of two
If a computer has less than 4GB of memory, only low texture quality will be available in the settings
Added the ability to bring up the score screen while on the death screen
Unified the HUD and map squad and instant action deployment functionality
They now share the same timers and notifications
Now can only be canceled by pressing the hotkey or clicking the button (i.e. hitting Esc to exit out of the map will no longer cancel the countdown)
Double-clicking a loadout number from the equipment or vehicle terminal will now equip yourself or spawn the vehicle of the selected loadout, respectively
Double-clicking a deployment location from the deployment list will now deploy you. Deploy, deployment, deploy, deploy.
Bug Fixes
Zebra Vehicle Camo should now be selectable in the loadout menu after purchasing the Mega Vehicle Camo Bundle
Fixed Ally/Enemy colors not showing correctly on in-world UI icons for explosives
Added a progress indicator to the redeem a code flow
Health bars should no longer intermittently display as empty when nanoweave armor is equipped
Players should no longer receive a revive prompt if they deploy as a teammate attempts to revive them
Non-members will no longer see an incorrect discount on the member’s sale in the Depot.
Battle Rifles, MAX AV right, MAX AI right, and MAX AA weapons are now properly tracked on the stats page
Fixed missing icons for the Walker in the Depot
Facility/ Environmental Updates
Sunderer No Deploy Zones
Facilities and Outposts on Indar and Amerish now have Sunderer No Deploy Zones.

These function just like the No Deploy Radius around allied deployed Sunderers
These zones prevent someone from parking a Sunderer right on top of a capture point, forcing players to fight to the capture points on foot
Warpgate Rotation
All faction warpgates have been rotated counter clockwise.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue preventing players from resupplying consumables while in the VR training zone
Fixed non-functional teleporters at Arroyo Torre Station
Fixed a neutral spawn room teleporter at Feldspar Canyon Base
Replaced the missing south east facing vehicle pad at the Ikanam Bio Lab
Removed a misplaced stair object at Crux Headquarters on Amerish

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