Planetside2 Hotfix 9/5

Downtime Start: 6am PDT

Note: Where applicable, PS2 Community Issue Tracker bug ID’s entered in parenthesis

•Valkyrie composite armor now increases resistance to aircraft nose cannons by 2/3/4/5% up from 1/2/3/4%
•Small arms damage against Valkyrie reduced by 25%
•Valkyrie base resistance to flak increased from 25% to 37%
•Valkyrie base resistance to armor piercing bullets increased from 50% to 70%
•Increased the power of the Valkyrie airbrake
•Passengers in the rumble seat of the Valkyrie now have an innate resistance to Flak and other explosive damage
•Input lag addressed
•Mouse Smoothing Toggle and sensitivity added to the settings page
•Pitch keys no longer control aircraft freelook (PS-93)
•Buttons that call the chat window should no longer occasionally fail to give window focus after the first hit (PS-32)
•Toggling the mouse and setting waypoints on the main map and minimap should now work again (thanks Itzhaki)
•The tilde key [~] can be bound again (PS-242)
•The Grave Accent key can be bound again (European keyboards)
•The ‘interact’ action binding should now work if bound to any character keys (won’t work with non-character keys yet, but we have a task in for a future update)
•Spotting without a target will no longer bring up an empty menu
•Minimap icons should more reliably represent in-world actors (PS-188, PS-183)
•Fixed the Sidearms Master tier for the NC to include the LA8 Rebel, not the LA80 sniper rifle (PS-244)
•Water around Grouney Dam has the kill plane re-enabled
•Water deaths on Hossin are no longer revivable
•2 Client crashes fixed
•Zone crash fix

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