Planetside2: Patch – 05-03-2014 @ 15:00 CET (14:00 GMT)

PlanetSide 2 servers will be unavailable beginning at 15:00 CET for an update.

Patch Notes:

Camo Grant

In an effort to make amends to those affected by an incomplete fix to the missing camo patterns, we are granting the players who went one week without their camos a specific free camo item. This grant will occur later on Wednesday, March 5th. This camo is exclusive to those players for the time being and eventually be purchasable by everyone in the Depot. In the meantime, please enjoy your exclusive camo and thank you from the whole team for your patience while we sorted this complex operation out.

Depot Items

Galaxy intakes are back in the Depot… for real this time! (No intakes back).
Nano-Armor Cloak Balance

The Infiltrator Nano-Armor cloak cert line has been adjusted so that it isn’t as penalizing at the lower ranks when compared to the Hunter and Stalker cloaks.
Cloak duration for ranks 1-4 have has been increased by 0.5 seconds each
Rank 1 cloak regeneration from empty is now 13 seconds, down from the previous value of 15 seconds. All cert ranks now increase the regen rate by 0.5 seconds
The final rank of the Nano-Armor cert line remains the same as before
The Nano-Armor cloak now resists direct hits from the below in addition to infantry small arms. (This does not prevent any mocking you may receive from taking direct hits).
Aircraft machine guns (ESF nose guns)
Armor Piercing Chain Guns (Tank Buster, Shedder)
Anti-aircraft machine guns
Flak direct hits
Vehicle secondary machine guns
Nano-Armor Cloak no longer stacks with Nanoweave armor

Bug Fixes

Fixed certain attachments on the NS-30 Vandal having incorrect cert costs. They are now consistent with the other weapons.
1x and 2x reflex sight lowered to 30 certs
Forward grip and and flashlight increased to 100 certs
Heavy Assault Resist Shield and Nanoweave now properly resist Aircraft Machine Gun resist type.
Spotting your own engineer turret will no longer offer it ammo.
Galaxy intakes will now tint appropriately for your empire when a camo is applied.
Your dead body will now always be a skull and crossbones icon on the map.
You can once again preview weapons in the Depot as just weapon without your pesky character model being in the way.
The icon for the zebra camo is now a better representation of the camo’s pattern. .
Reduced certs on various scopes to increase performance.

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