Server Downtime for Hotfix September 27

Server Downtime for Hotfix September 27, 2013 // 3PM CEST 27.09.2013 – 00:00 – Planetside 2

Downtime Start: 3 PM CEST
Downtime ETA: 90 minutes

Players can expect the following changes:
Patch Notes


•Warpgate rotation

Bug Fixes

•Fix for instant action taking players to unpopulated facilities
•Fix for flares occasionally not breaking lock-on
•Soft point ammunition no longer unequips after logout when equipped on the following weapons: AF-4G Cyclone, SMG-46G Armistice, Eridani SX5G
•Bad spawn point at Zurvan Auxiliary removed
•XP should be correctly awarded to players deploying mines instead of the player detonating/shooting the mine


•ESF Lumifiber Trim
•Now available in new colors.
•Chrome ESF Fins
•Because everything is better in chrome.
•Coming Soon in Depot
•Harasser Bumpers
•Five bumpers available in original, gold, chrome and pink flavor.
•Sunderer Lights
•If you’ve ever lost your Sunderer somewhere in the dark, these lights are for you. Batteries included.
•Sunderer Grills
•You are unique and special, and so is your Sunderer. At least, it is with one of these new grills.
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Author: Clawhammer

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